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Hola Madrid!

Hola Todos!
It's been a week since I went solo travelling to Madrid and Toledo and oh yes, it was amazing. 
I really needed the quick getaway. It was actually a last minute trip. 
I was supposed to go out of Spain but life happened. I ended up in Madrid.
I left unprepared for my trip (no itinerary - nada). 
I just made sure that I was staying in the center so I could move around freely and a lot of the tourist spots were in there. 
At the end, I felt like I needed more days to see Madrid. 
More reasons to come back right? :)


It's been forever since I last updated my blog
Anyway, I've come to be committed with writing. 
COMMITMENT. Bold word. I don't really have much idea of it (haha :P) 
but I'll try...
I'll be posting a new entry every week. Yes, every week. So, Ciao for now!
I'll be sharing more of my Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo) & Switzerland trip sooon!

also, I am working on my domain. Unfortunately, I'm not the most techy person …

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